England's venues

England’s Venues Are Open Again, But New Vaccine Passport Plans Stir Discontent

The announcement was made on the same day that England lifted its last remaining COVID-19 restrictions, bringing an end to capacity limits and social distancing measures inside music and entertainment venues.That prompted scores of nightclubs across the country to open just after midnight local time Monday to welcome back their first customers in almost 17…

England's lifting

Why England’s sudden lifting of covid restrictions is a massive gamble

England is about to take a huge gamble.  On Monday, July 19, the country is ditching all of its remaining pandemic-related restrictions. People will be able to go to nightclubs, or gather in groups as large as they like. They will not be legally compelled to wear masks at all, and can stop social distancing.…

England's vaccine

What England’s new vaccine passport could mean for covid tech’s next act

Almost exactly a year ago, software developers rushed to build technologies that could help stop the pandemic. Back then, the focus was on apps that could track whether you’d been near someone with covid. Today the discussion is about digital vaccine credentials, often called “vaccine passports,” designed to work on your smartphone and show that…

England's Personal

England’s individual child health documents to be digitised by April 2023

A recent Early Years review entitled, The best start for life: a vision for the 1,001 critical days has been published, setting out a vision for healthcare best practice for babies and children in England, UK. Led by Andrea Leadsom, UK MP and Early Years health advisor, the review also brings attention to the importance…