Office reentering

‘Reentering the office atmosphere is going to be a bumpy ride’: Agencies get creative about welcoming back employees

For Chris Sojka, the first official day back at the workplace for him and his team at the Brooklyn agency Madwell wasn’t just another day at the office — it was a party.The co-founder and chief creative officer of the indie shop, which has done work for the likes of Absolut and Verizon, received each…

Pollution reentering

Air pollution from reentering megaconstellation satellites could cause ozone hole 2.0

Home News Spaceflight The atmospheric reentry process generates extreme heat and mechanical loads, which lead to the satellite’s disintegration at the altitude of about 45 miles. (Image credit: ESA) Chemicals released as defunct satellites burn in the atmosphere could damage Earth’s protective ozone layer if plans to build megaconstellations of tens of thousands of satellites,…